50 Cent

50 Cent Insist Floyd Mayweather is “Dead Serious” to Dana White About Fighting Conor McGregor

White reportedly ran into 50 Cent last month while out to eat in New York City. When questioned by 50 (Floyds on and off again buddy) if McGregor really wants to square up against Floyd, White dismissed the talk, saying “Floyd don’t want to fight The Notorious One.”

The rapper then immediately responded by insisting that Mayweather is “dead serious” about taking the fight and wants to make it happen sooner or later. You’ll know Fif is such the shit starter, similar to Don King in his prime. This revelation comes less than a month after Conor openly challenged the boxing champ to a $100 million fight.

You gotta stay tuned!! To keep up with the latest in the ongoing will they or won’t they saga between Floyd & Conor may take a bit. It appears that Floyd is all in to fight the UFC legend, but not certain on McGregor take. News arrives days after McGregor was issued a boxing license in the state of California.

A fight like a Mayweather versus McGregor matchup is too good to be true.  Fight fans would love to see such a awesome match go on, due to the state of boxing right now. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but hell, crazier shit has happened in boxing?

Do you think 50 Cent Instigation Tactics will get these two to fighting? Will Fif slide over to the winners side, cheese hard for the photo, raise the victors hand and say “Only In America” just like Don King always did?

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