Cops Caught On Phone Cam

Cops Caught On Phone Cam Having Sex In Patrol Car Ignors Robbery Call

Cops Caught On Phone Cam Having Sex

Two Argentina cops were caught on phone cam having sex will being dispatched details to respond to a robbery. ‘The two officers are seen having casual sex in the patrol car while ignoring the radio.”  “Call about a robbery!”, sources report.

The female officer in Rosario is seen performing oral sex on her male partner. Meanwhile a dispatcher could be heard in the background sending alerts of a robbery. Both seems very unbothered by the calls and more into each other.

The female officer is also seen putting her hand up to her face. In conclusion it was such a feeble attempt to trying stop her colleague from shooting the explicit footage.

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Cops Caught On Phone Cam Having Sex

The two law enforcement lovebirds are now facing disciplinary action since being identified in the cellphone footage, which captured the females officers badge.

“Both officers involved are now on suspension and faces other disciplinary actions,” a spokesman for the police department stated earlier. “We don’t condone these types of extreme offensive acts for the people of this province, therefore we’re going to deal with them accordingly”. Consequently public servants are here to protect the lives and well being of our community”

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