Social Media Al Capone Soulja Boy

Social Media Al Capone Soulja Boy Reportedly Put To Rest After Probation Violation for Having a Gun

Social Media Al Capone Soulja Boy

Inning accordance with TMZ, cops paid Soulja Boy a lil drop in at his house Thursday after being tipped off that that Soulja Capone was throwing threats to folks on the internet with big ass guns. The cops flipped his residence upside down and discovered the burners in his Hollywood Hills home. Soulja Boy was actually then apprehended and detained for having the weapon which is a straight infraction of his probation.

If you didn’t remmber, Soulja Boy is presently on probation as an outcome of his loaded weapon charge from a pair of years back. He was punished 170 hrs of neighborhood service and also 24 months probation.

There has actually been lots of information of Soulja Boy sending threats online. In November, he threatened to rub out a Chicago rap artist in a collection of since removed tweets. A week prior to that, it was reported that Soulja had actually been sued for threatening to mirk a guy.

Lil Yachty took a min to consider in on the record as well as tweeted, “Finally the Feds put the social media Al Capone to rest. For Now Atleast.” Of course, Yachty and also Soulja (kind of) squashed their current beef, however Yachty’s tweet suggests there are most likely some negative sensations still there. Stay posted to keep up dated on details as they become available.

Have Social Media Al Capone Soulja Boy Lost Every Bit Of Good Sense He Had? Is The Coke Taking Him Out? Or Do He Just Have Too Much Damn Money He Don’t Know What To Do With Hiself?

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