Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr

Who Said Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr Needs To Grow Up!

Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr

NY Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr is top flight when it comes to being in the spotlight. Whether the 24-year-old NFL super star is making unbelievable plays on the football field,  getting into shoving matches with DB’s or simple keeping up with a Kardashian. Best believe Beckham’s name stays relevant throughout the football season, as well almost any other time during the year.

Beckham was center of attention leading up to the playoffs. After confirmation that him and fellow NY teammate receivers Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz, kicked it hard in Miami that Monday before the big playoff game. Beckham was spotted on social media on a yacht with singer Trey Songz, a few chicks and a couple of his teammates. This Instagram picture quickly made its way to other networks like Twitter and Facebook. This lead many to ask why would Beckham be partying during such a critical time of the season. The criticism from the fans in staff was overwhelming.

This brought about the questions of did his trip to Miami play a part in such a poor performance Sunday. Beckham finished the game off with only 28 receiving yards and three dropped passes. Makes you wonder why  voluntarily distract yourself at a time when you should be most focused.

Even after the Green Bay Packers eleminated his team from the playoffs Beckham continued to make the news. This time for what some would say a mild temper tantrum for the player. Beckham allegedly punched through a wall in the lockerroom as well as headbutted doors out of frustration over the loss.

Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr recent actions really didn’t sit well with management. Especially after the team ended their season on such a bad note. Sources say that when general manager Jerry Reese spoke to the press, he informed them that he had a sit down with Beckham Monday about his actions, telling him that he thinks it’s about time he grow up and take his job more serious.

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“I see a young man who needs to reflect on the things he does,” Reese said. “We all know he’s a gifted receiver, but it’s things he’s done that he need to look himself in the mirror and be honest with himself about. I’m certain he’ll do it, and we plan to help him out with that, but he’s got to be willing to help his self first. Beckham’s a smart young man but it’s times his actions don’t reflect his intelligence.”

“Everybody have to grow up at some point in our lives,” Reese continued. “I really agree it’s his time to do so. Beckham’s been in the NFL for three years now, and still haven’t completely adjusted. He’s a great impact on the football field, but his actions off the field has consistently been questionably. We need him to become more responsible for those things. We’ll talk over it more and I think — I know — he’s a smart young man. He’s aware he’s the face of the franchise and with that position comes great responsibilities. I’m certain he’ll welcome that responsibility.”

While you can’t completely blame such a sad season ending solely on Beckham’s actions leading up to the game or his performance, Reese has a point when speaking on him stepping up and taking responsible for his actions as a whole. Beckham better get all his partying out the way during the off season because how things looking, his team and staff is going to expect a lot more of him come next season.


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